Hypercardioid microphones, inkjet prints, 60 second delay, PA speakers

// installation / sound art / graphic design / exhibtion //

With Andrew C. Lorish, Alyson Provax, Madeline Maszk, and Stephanie Parnes. Presented by Eugene Contemporary Art at ANTI-AESTHETIC, Eugene, OR.

phono: sound, voice

morpho: form, shape

idiot: a stupid person

PhonoMorphoIdiot is a group exhibition that considers the uncertainties and absurdities of our verbal, written, and text-based communication. We exist between a shared understanding and the sensory and cultural edges of language which are shaped by everything from bodily states, fantasies and in-group signaling, to predictive text, targeted advertising and character limits. Whether through image-making, objects or sound, the artists in this show engage with language’s flexibility – often to its breaking point. Channels become convoluted, noise increases, the signal is misdirected or lost. By staying with these failures and frolicking in their wreckage, we may stumble upon alternative modes of signifying and connecting to one another (ECA).

One of two pieces exhibited in a group show I co-curated with artist Stephanie Parnes titled PhonoMorphoIdiot. The presence of microphones prompted most visitors to speak (or shout, unsure of what would happen) only to find that their voice would be repeated a full 60 seconds later, often when they had forgotten about it as they made their way through the rest of the exhibition. We confess to the cloud and can never take it back. Words and self-perception become fixed objects we no longer control.

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