Courtney Stubbert is a vi$ual arti$t, de$igner, & mu$ician living in the Pacific NorthBEST.

While my formal training is in graphic design and visual communication, I work across different mediums, investigating the breakdown of systems - whether it be language, sound, or the frailty of ideologies. Image-making allows me to investigate the way we experience and process our interactions, beliefs, and the eventual decay of those moments and constructions. My visual vocabulary tends to combine my interests in appropriation, process, pop culture, dad jokes, and digital capitalism.

In 2012 I co-founded Eugene Contemporary Art - an initiative established to support emerging artists working across conceptual and critical disciplines. In 2019 we opened ECA's latest physical art space ANTI-AESTHETIC. Prior to this, ECA launched the podcast Bottleracks & Fountains, now in its <occasional>second season</occasional>.

From 2012-2019 I served on the City of Eugene’s Public Art Committee. This experience formed an ongoing interest in how the arts engage in policy, city government, and can be both supported and manipulated by those who are not art makers. I am committed to developing creative and professional partnerships across the arts and cultural landscape of my hometown and beyond.

I have been a visual designer for almost 20 years, and operate a freelance studio under the name I specialize in UX design, graphic identities and visual communication for businesses and organizations. Just to double down on my skills, by day I am a senior designer at AHM Brands, focusing on UX design and digital brand strategy.

Email Updates

I send email updates about the various areas of my creative practice once or twice a year. I've proven over and over that I'm incapable of doing more than that.
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