Interviewed on "Whiskey with Mark"

Mark Davis is a good friend of mine, and a central figure in Eugene’s downtown tech scene via his brainchild (I designed their logo a couple years back). He’s got a podcast he does with local members of the community, and asked me to sit down and talk about what I do, and my experience working in the local arts scene. It’s a fun conversation and we talk about where tech and art can connect in a more meaningful way in Eugene.

He creates a visualization and video out of this notebook that connects to the audio recording. So, like, he’s writing on paper, and the app tracks his notes, while it records the… anyway… tech guys and their gadgets.

Speaking of podcasts, I’m starting one myself with my collegues at Eugene Contemporary Art. Sign up on our website if you want to get the announcement for the launch this December.

A fixture in the Eugene art scene talks about current projects and new directions

New work in Old Bones Upon the Valley Shake

New collaborative work in an exhibition all February

I've been so slammed between the day job and getting new shows ready via my ECA project that I've not had time to sit down and update all my personal channels (except Twitter).

So here goes.

Opening tonight, Feb 4th, 2017, at The Barn Light East in Eugene, Oregon, I'm participating in a collaborative poster show with three other artists I've gotten to know over the past couple years.

The video above features studio visits with myself, Julia Oldham and Jessie Rose Vala.

The show is titled "Old Bones Upon the Valley Shake" and it features digital prints of collaborative work the three of us made together. A cross between Layer Tennis and Exquisite Corpse. Read about it on the ECA website, and if you are in Eugene, stop by the Barn Light East between now and Feb 26th. 

Prints up at Barn Light East through the month of February.

Prints up at Barn Light East through the month of February.

ECA has a few more shows planned for the Barn Light event space, so get on our email list if you want to stay up to date. This upcoming May, I'm having a one-person pop-up show at a friends studio over in Springfield, but you can bet I'll post more about it here, and send an announcement out via my personal email list

Op-ed piece for Eugene Weekly - No money for the arts

Op-ed piece for Eugene Weekly - No money for the arts

Last week I wrote a post over on ECA's blog in response to comments I was seeing online regarding the closing of yet another gallery. The Eugene Weekly asked me to expand the post into an op-ed piece and I was happy to oblige. The entire text is featured here, or you can read it on the Weekly's site. Check out the original post on


Guess what? There's no money.

Seven steps to make the Jacobs Gallery closing not matter at all

Arts funding is important. Without it, even our longest-running institutions close. The Jacobs Gallery at the Hult Center is the most recent in a string of examples.  

People wring their hands when yet another art venue closes in Eugene, and the standard frustrations are conveyed: “There’s not enough funding!"; “I can’t survive as an artist in Eugene!”; “Nobody buys art!”; “Someone should step up and donate!” 

All of those statements may be true, but they don’t get to the heart of the issue. The art-going public in Eugene has made it clear for years that the experience of supporting art is not worth the time or money. If people don’t show up to see it, if they don’t make their end-of-the-year donation, or purchase work for their collection, it’s because they aren’t compelled to do so. Plain and simple. 

The voters don’t show up to the polls if they already think it’s an ineffectual process. 

Our art scene sucks.

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Solo Painting Exhibition

I'm pretty excited to announce an upcoming solo exhibition of my recent painting and drawing work titled "Modified Structures". It will be held at The Voyeur gallery space here in Eugene, Oregon. Gallery owner Mo Bowen does some cool events surrounding each show she puts on, including an artist talk that allows the public to come and dialogue with the artist and crit the work. I'll also be giving a workshop called "Working the Surface". I haven't planned the details yet but it will be based on my process and how I develop work using a mix of abstraction, layering and imagery.

I'm slowly rebuilding my fine art site and have started to put up some of the paintings that will be in the show as they are completed. Check them out here.

Here's a Facebook Event so you know it's real.

UPDATE: I've started offering some of the paintings from this show for sale on my shop page. You can sign up for email updates regarding new work as I make it available. 

This is how we do it.

Welcome to my new website

So I finally got around to being a graphic designer with a website. This blog will be an extension of my site and all future sites to come. A shout out to my friend Dan Schlitzkus for help with the site. It's money. Thanks for stopping by and while you are here, enjoy the opening sequence to the new Lakai skate film "Fully Flared". Explosions. Tre Flips. Injuries. Awesomeness. 

UPDATE 1.1.2014 : Damn how time flies. When I made this post, I had a hand-coded HTML site and was learning how to blog on FYI, this site is currently running on Squarespace 6. The video above still kicks ass.