Interviewed on "Whiskey with Mark"

Mark Davis is a good friend of mine, and a central figure in Eugene’s downtown tech scene via his brainchild Eugenetech.org (I designed their logo a couple years back). He’s got a podcast he does with local members of the community, and asked me to sit down and talk about what I do, and my experience working in the local arts scene. It’s a fun conversation and we talk about where tech and art can connect in a more meaningful way in Eugene.

He creates a visualization and video out of this notebook that connects to the audio recording. So, like, he’s writing on paper, and the app tracks his notes, while it records the… anyway… tech guys and their gadgets.

Speaking of podcasts, I’m starting one myself with my collegues at Eugene Contemporary Art. Sign up on our website if you want to get the announcement for the launch this December.

A fixture in the Eugene art scene talks about current projects and new directions

On being an independent artist

I really enjoyed this conversation between multimedia artists Jeremy Bailey and Rafaël Rozendaal. Both artists deal with the intersections of technology, performance and the web in interesting ways. I'm particularly interested in any artists who also operates in the world of commercial digital design (Jeremy Bailey is a designer at Freshbooks - the online bookkeeping platform). Both artists have a very practical approach to what it means to be an artist in today's internet-driven world.