Solo Painting Exhibition

I'm pretty excited to announce an upcoming solo exhibition of my recent painting and drawing work titled "Modified Structures". It will be held at The Voyeur gallery space here in Eugene, Oregon. Gallery owner Mo Bowen does some cool events surrounding each show she puts on, including an artist talk that allows the public to come and dialogue with the artist and crit the work. I'll also be giving a workshop called "Working the Surface". I haven't planned the details yet but it will be based on my process and how I develop work using a mix of abstraction, layering and imagery.

I'm slowly rebuilding my fine art site and have started to put up some of the paintings that will be in the show as they are completed. Check them out here.

Here's a Facebook Event so you know it's real.

UPDATE: I've started offering some of the paintings from this show for sale on my shop page. You can sign up for email updates regarding new work as I make it available. 

New Painting Series - Joe Strummer

I spent this past weekend down on the sourthern coast working on a new series for This Year's Model. My partner-in-crime, Spencer Reynolds had prepared about 11 pieces with a silk screen he had of Joe Strummer of The Clash. We hammered out 10 pieces over the course of two days. We still have a bit of work to do on them but will be making these available as prints at in the coming weeks. See more images at our blog. I'll post more updates and prints on my shop page as they come available.