Copic Markers now in Public Beta

Okay so NOW I can tell you. If you weren't smart enough to just type in the domain based on the logo in the previous post then you can get to it now. I was creative director on this one so I'm pretty stoked about it going live. A lot of work went into this and some amazing development assistance from Jared Alessandroni and Cynthia Wang of Wang Media, NYC. They are a top notch team and went above and beyond on this. Great people to collaborate with and I hope to buy them drinks in person some day for all their hard work.

The music and audio production for the video below was by Mckenzie Stubbert (@pinballjukebox), mon frere and Portland, Oregon-based composer.

Copic Color Logo and mobile promo

We are wrapping a new social website (still in private beta so I can't tell you where) at work and I thought I'd share the new logo I created here. The project involved creating a space for our users to keep track of their Copic marker collections and marker wish lists, create palettes based on Copic colors, as well as a place to upload their own artwork and connect with other Copic users. A monster project. Even though I managed the production of the site, the best part was taking time to create the logo.

There are a couple versions utilizing the mark, an option for social icons for a future update and the dot com version. Above is the basic mark and logotype. Since the key for this site is color collection I used the shape of our the ink drop (which I've used in other print collateral to advertise our refill inks) and the repeated shape to emphasise not only the multiple color options, but a sort of group or gathering of like shapes in reference to the Copic user community. We attract several types of user, but each of those types are very specific. I could go on and on, as I'm one to load an image with meaning and relationships, but bottom line is it needed to have a bold, familiar feel and be readable in various sizes. Done and done.

Below are some postcards I illustrated and designed to promote the mobile aspect of the site. These were hand-colored, which I do a lot in order to show off the draw-it-yourself vibe I've been putting on everything we produce in print and online.

Of course I'm still too busy to get these properly shot and on the work page. I have a stack of to-do's to get through in that regard. This is my year for Punch web updates. Stay tuned...