Chris Ruiz

New music project release - Free Static

Soundscapes are the new black

With no space to set up my drums for the last year or so, I’ve been getting into electronic music gear lately, and learning the ins and outs of running sound through delay, distortion and my Moog Ring Modulator pedals. I’ve also been making tape loops out of old cassettes and utilizing a 4 track recorder to sample and perform with. It’s been fun and frustrating at the same time. Old gear breaks easy. Your favorite tape loop will fall apart. Your guitar pedal batteries will die on you in the middle of a session. But I’ve made a point to stay away from laptop based music, in favor of making sounds with actual hardware you can perform with.

What started out as a group of guys getting together, playing records, and talking about music, turned into a few of us improvising instrumental jam sessions at my former studio space (RIP my old friend). That party shrunk to just two of us and we decamped to my friend Chris Ruiz’s hacienda studio. Unable to play my drums in a quite neighborhood, we started making layered found-sound pieces utilizing everything from hand percussion, non-musical objects, tape loops, modular synths, and the occasion homemade spring resonator.  

Free Static S/T is out now

After about a year of recording sessions, we curated a handful of tracks and release our first project this past July. The project is called Free Static, and you can hear our self-titled, 6 track release on our Bandcamp page. It’s a free downloadFREE

We are putting together a limited edition cassette release (you read that correct) and I’ll announce that as soon as it’s out. I know half of you still have a cassette deck somewhere.


Coming up in January and February we are performing a live score to a short film about Chernobyl made by my artist and colleague at Eugene Contemporary Art, Julia Oldham. We will be announcing time and locations for Corvallis and Eugene performances very soon.