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TKOL RMX 1234567

TKOL RMX 1234567

It's been out for a bit already, and mostly it's an excuse to put some record covers on my blog. Radiohead put out 7 12" releases for their King Of Limbs record as remixes. Haven't picked the vinyl up yet, but it's on my list. In the meantime I'll settle for the digital. Great stuff including work by Caribou, SBTRKT and Four Tet. I can't seem to find any info on the artwork itself. It looks like it could be Stanley Donwood's work but there is no mention of it on his site. Anyone know anything?

Read about the remixes here. Download them on Amazon. See a couple more 12" covers after the jump.

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Hard Copy - The Advisory Circle

This just recently went up on one of my favorite album cover blogs Hardformat. Designed by Julian House, co-owner of Ghost Box and most well known for his cover work for Stereolab. This stuff reminds me of the difference between what I like to look at as a designer versus how my own work ends up. This kind of geometry and restraint is always in my mind yet (and probably for the best) my own process ends up pushing around what I look at like a bully.

Hear clips of The Advisory Circle here. This album just came out March 5th and you can purchase it from the label here or download it from Amazon.

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