Op-ed piece gets a shout out on Hyperallergic.com

A few weeks back I wrote an op-ed piece for our local weekly newspaper. Hyperallergic.com just posted an article by one of Eugene's own writers, Suzi Steffen, covering the current drama surrounding the latest gallery closure in Eugene. The mention of my piece kicks off Steffen's article.

Of course I wish I was getting covered on one of the biggest art blogs in the country for artistic reasons. Ha. My opinion's flow a lot easier than the artwork however. 

I was also interviewed, along with several others involved in Eugene's art scene, for a big piece in this week's Eugene Weekly. While the author raised questions regarding, and advocated for, a city funded arts center, the best thing about this piece was letting people know the Public Art Committee (of which I'm a member) is not taking in as much funding as other cities our size, and our "1% for art" revenue could be increased. 

Hopefully by this time next year, our city will be getting national arts coverage because of some as-of-yet undiscovered arts funding innovation or cultural break-through.

Here's to hoping.