Recent work - "For certain undamaged lemons II"


"For certain undamaged lemons II" 2015, 38"x40", mixed media on canvas.

This one is new, and the first completed in the studio space (I've moved my painting out of the garage). Some different moves here that came as a surprise. There is definitely an affect that comes from working in a new space, let alone one that is more open and comfortable. I've also added some new materials to my kit, namely spray paint and graffiti pens.  These have little to do with street art, but I have always perceived my canvases as a space to collect the markings of "a passerby". This is always me. The way the surface can collect the debris of working, and the building up and tearing down of layers has been a consistent theme since I began painting in earnest in the early 2000's.

Detail of 3 of my own skateboards from the 80's and 90's.

Detail of 3 of my own skateboards from the 80's and 90's.

Recently I found myself describing my love of the way a skateboard collects the markings of it's own activity. A once pristine graphic illustration, most likely silk-screened or heat transfered on, meant to instill the identity of the pro rider who's name is on the board, quickly gets taken over my the insistence of the boards rider. His stickers have been added, and scared by curbs and pool coping. It becomes something new, merely by becoming a mediator between the rider and surface.

I might hate it tomorrow. Right now I still like it.