New work in Old Bones Upon the Valley Shake

New collaborative work in an exhibition all February

I've been so slammed between the day job and getting new shows ready via my ECA project that I've not had time to sit down and update all my personal channels (except Twitter).

So here goes.

Opening tonight, Feb 4th, 2017, at The Barn Light East in Eugene, Oregon, I'm participating in a collaborative poster show with three other artists I've gotten to know over the past couple years.

The video above features studio visits with myself, Julia Oldham and Jessie Rose Vala.

The show is titled "Old Bones Upon the Valley Shake" and it features digital prints of collaborative work the three of us made together. A cross between Layer Tennis and Exquisite Corpse. Read about it on the ECA website, and if you are in Eugene, stop by the Barn Light East between now and Feb 26th. 

Prints up at Barn Light East through the month of February.

Prints up at Barn Light East through the month of February.

ECA has a few more shows planned for the Barn Light event space, so get on our email list if you want to stay up to date. This upcoming May, I'm having a one-person pop-up show at a friends studio over in Springfield, but you can bet I'll post more about it here, and send an announcement out via my personal email list

On being an independent artist

I really enjoyed this conversation between multimedia artists Jeremy Bailey and Rafaël Rozendaal. Both artists deal with the intersections of technology, performance and the web in interesting ways. I'm particularly interested in any artists who also operates in the world of commercial digital design (Jeremy Bailey is a designer at Freshbooks - the online bookkeeping platform). Both artists have a very practical approach to what it means to be an artist in today's internet-driven world. 

a.s.d.l.r. "Supreme Sunlight" Video

Just stumbled across this video. As a kid I had space shuttle blueprint wallpaper in my room and I'm still facinated by launch footage. The glitch video distortion points out that my experience with NASA and the various space shuttle launches I've witnessed were 100% mediated experience and those images only really exist in my mind as pixels.

About the artist from Non Projects site bio:

As a.d.l.r., Morera takes his progressive compocollage, minimal  techno, ambience, tape music and microsound to create a highly  listenable lush and coherent whole of audio ephemera that fits right in  line with the immersive sounds of the Non Projects catalog.

If you dig the artist you can get downloads from Bleep. Also check out the sweet, raw html website of Kim Asendorf. It's bonkers.

Gimme Bar = New Fav

I've never latched on to bookmarking services. Don't know why - too many clicks, short attention span, who knows. But the other day I came across a new service called Gimme Bar and it's sexy as hell. Drag and drop image collecting with a pop-up for immediate tagging and categorizing. Similar to Pintrest, without the ridiculous name. Serioulsy, I hated that name so much I couldn't bring myself to use it.

Anyway. This one is still in beta, but I got my invite the day after signing up. Get some.

Don't Fear the Internet

An awesome new website by Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer went live recently to help demystify web design for non-designers. As a designer/don't-code-but-I-dabble I think this is a huge help AND sexy to look at. Check out their videos and resources page. You could google all this stuff, but once again, well designed resources prove to be a much more satisfying experience. It's a one stop shop. Also dig the Burger-as-code wallpaper below. WIN. Get yours here.

Spend some time here and in their own words "quit asking your nerd friends for freebies!" now in Public Beta

Okay so NOW I can tell you. If you weren't smart enough to just type in the domain based on the logo in the previous post then you can get to it now. I was creative director on this one so I'm pretty stoked about it going live. A lot of work went into this and some amazing development assistance from Jared Alessandroni and Cynthia Wang of Wang Media, NYC. They are a top notch team and went above and beyond on this. Great people to collaborate with and I hope to buy them drinks in person some day for all their hard work.

The music and audio production for the video below was by Mckenzie Stubbert (@pinballjukebox), mon frere and Portland, Oregon-based composer.