Kung Fu Friday - Count Dante Edition

I've been transfering the above image from computer to computer since 1998. Thought I'd give it special attention. He's just so bad ass and over the top. When I was a kid, ads like this were almost better than the comics themselves.


Who was The Deadliest Man Alive?

Count Juan Raphael Dante (John Timothy Keehan, b. 1939) was legendary before Bruce Lee and used the above ad (from 1975), and others like it, in the backs of comic books to sell his instructions in Dim Mak (the touch of death). For five bucks you could learn to kill someone and get full membership into his Black Dragon Fighting Society. He was widely regarded as a champion fighter and was instrumental in the beginnings of full contact fighting in the U.S. (later to become MMA). He was also, of all things, a hairdresser to Playboy bunnies, owned a pet tiger, sold used cars and was arrested for burning down a rival dojo. He died in 1975

The wikipedia overview on Dante seems to match up with most of the info I've read online.The best entry:

"Martin Kove, who played the character "Kreese" in the film The Karate Kid, ad-libbed his famous "Pain does not exist in this dojo..." monologue based on his time as a young student and Count Dante was his sensei."


Independent film maker Floyd Webb has been working on a documentary for a few years on Dante and has several segements of the film up on his Vimeo page. From what I can find he is still fact checking the film and seeking financial backing. Hope it comes out.


Thanks to the advice below in the comments I've read T.L. Roy's "The Deadliest Man Alive" and it was pretty entertaining. Not the best writing but good enough if you are into this stuff. Get it here.

Shakespear - Poster and Book Cover

I happened upon the above poster via my favorite book covers blog (Hey, and it's called Covers) whilst digging the Hamlet cover below. The poster is by designer Kaleena Porter. It's perfect. I dig the single eye and the pelvic bone in quotes.


The book cover is by WH Chong and you can read their critique of it here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Covers is no longer a website. It was taken down sometime ago when the agency behind it "FWIS" closed it's doors.