a.s.d.l.r. "Supreme Sunlight" Video

Just stumbled across this video. As a kid I had space shuttle blueprint wallpaper in my room and I'm still facinated by launch footage. The glitch video distortion points out that my experience with NASA and the various space shuttle launches I've witnessed were 100% mediated experience and those images only really exist in my mind as pixels.

About the artist from Non Projects site bio:

As a.d.l.r., Morera takes his progressive compocollage, minimal  techno, ambience, tape music and microsound to create a highly  listenable lush and coherent whole of audio ephemera that fits right in  line with the immersive sounds of the Non Projects catalog.

If you dig the artist you can get downloads from Bleep. Also check out the sweet, raw html website of Kim Asendorf. It's bonkers.