Fonts In Use

Letters for your EYES. One of my favorite discoveries in recent months is Fonts In Use. The title spells it out as plain as day. I've been using it regularly for either regular pleasure-reading, or as a place to look for inspiration and ideas for projects. I'll admit, typography is something I love but have a hard time working outside of my comfort zone. I tend to stick to a handful of favorites. That is not necessarily a bad practice, but some projects require something outside of the old reliables.

From their mission:

Much of design critique is focused on photography and other graphics. It’s time to shed light on the most basic element of communication: the type. At Fonts In Use we’ll catalog and examine real-world typography wherever it appears — branding, advertising, signage, packaging, publications, in print and online — with an emphasis on the typefaces used.

Agreed. Type takes a back seat a lot and it's nice to see the subtlties and intracacies of good type discussed. And in case you were wondering, the site itself is set in Relay Condensed and Benton Sans RE from Font Bureau.