Mankind is a band

I've got another music project in the works. Playing drums proper this time in a heavy, instrumental project called Mankind. Made up of bass, drums and dueling guitars wrapped in a warm blanket of feedback. We've been together since the late summer 2010, writing songs and practicing in the basement of a secret downtown location. We've been taking cues from what is happening in the post-rock/metal world with a bit of a post-punk sprinkled on top for flavor. We've got no proper recordings yet but you can check out a rehearsal take below of a song we are working on called 'The Announcement'.

Announcement-MONO by We Are Mankind

We will be playing live for the first time tomorrow night (1.6.2011) in Eugene, Oregon at the Black Forest. Always a good place to ease into your live performance and work out new material. We will be opening for Seattle-based Smile for Diamonds. Check the event page here for more details. Mankind is available on Facebook and Twitter (No Myspace- hate it. Haven't brought ourselves to set up there yet).

Will post further updates as they come available.