The Melvins - The Bride Screamed Murder

I had the pleasure of  witnessing the crushing power that is the Melvins on their second-to-last stop of their recent tour in support of the lastest release The Bride Screamed Murder. The Melvins are one of the heaviest bands on the planet. They have everything I love about metal and none of the fake-anger-posturing I can't stand is so many other heavy bands. Their discography alone shows they are artists with a vision in the truest sense. This is the Melvins 20th album and the third studio project featuring lastest member additions in drummer Coady Willis and bassist Jared Warren of Big Business. Along side drummer Dale Crover and lead guitarist King Buzzo... welll... TWO DRUMMERS! It's the best thing ever. They kill it top to bottom.

I had a longer post planned and was going to get all dissecty and shit but screw it. You people know how to find records and can make up your own mind. If you aren't into being even a little bit challenged in your music listening then plug yourself back into the matrix and go back to listening to your Creed and whiny, post-psychology Metallica.

FYI the album artwork sucks. They totally phoned it in. Get the digital download on Amazon.