New Flying Lotus Record - Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus released his 3rd full length studio record Cosmogramma last week on Warp (or get it on Amazon). It's an epic piece of work and I highly recommend it if you are into all things electronic and hip-hop. This release has some cool extras available through his website. First there is a great version of Asteroids you can play with updated graphics. It looks like his record sounds.

Also available is a free download desktop app called Fieldlines based on the cover work. Called an "augmented reality app" It's basically a mouse/webcam controlled visuallizer that allows you to drag the dark circular shapes through the lines that extend from the center shape. The result is a harp-like affect that includes visual distortions and sound textures that follow your movement. Simple, but cool and effective. Fieldlines was developed by Aaron Meyers with sound design by Flying Lotus and harp by Rebekah Raff.

Based on the artwork by Leigh J. McCloskey.