Kung Fu Friday - Invisible Fists

I'm always disappointed when I look for kung fu film posters. Either they are horrible (not in an ironic-funny way) or the resolution is bad and some douche bag has laid claim to their scan and put a watermark on it. Thank the web gods for wrongsideoftheart.com. I stumbled upon this poster for the film Kung Fu: The Invisible Fist" (1972) and instantly wanted to work on my "Punch of Death". It's getting rusty... all these long hours in front of my computer. The film is out of print but I found that you can rent it online from Amazon. (UPDATE: The entire film is currently up on Youtube.) The best info I could find on it was this funny, if not-less-than-flattering review on a shitty looking website (typical):

"There's a plot in there somewhere, but it's pointless, just a limp-noodle framework around which an endless series of nondescript characters come and go and fight other nondescript characters in an interchangeable mixing bowl of 1970s Hong Kong martial arts movie badness."

Seriously dude. Who gives a fuck about the plot!? It's a kung fu movie. I wanna see asses kicked, extreme close-ups, blood spilled and somebody better avenge somebody's death... and the audio better be scratchy, out of sync with over-the-top overdubs. Facts people. Facts.

Hang on through the opening titles (2:18) cause the music is FUNKY and was ripped from Gordon Parks "Shaft's Big Score!" & Bob Correll's "Outlaw Riders":