Speak Rwanda Phrasebook is Finished!

I can't tell you how stoked I was to get this bad boy today.

I spent just over a year working on this pocket guide for Speak Africa, LLC. I was responsible for the cover, the layout, designing the way-finding system as well as all the interior illustrations and company identity. This was my biggest design project to date. Lesson: language guides require a ton of work and patience. The collaboration on this was a lot of fun. Between working with the project lead (Speak Africa founder Serena Morones), the linguist and those who spoke Kinyarwanda- there was a lot of information flying every which way. None of us had done a whole book before so we all were learning as we went. We all know how we would do it better next time for sure. Word to the wise: running three columns that have to line up in InDesign is ROUGH if you have a lot of edits to make. Get your templates dialed in and make sure you get all the content finished and corrected before you drop it into your file. 

See a few more pics in my work section. If you are interested in the book it is available from or at Amazon.com.