Kung Fu Friday - The "Go get a late pass" Monday Edition

Last Friday was a busy one. No time to put up Kung Fu Friday but I hate to leave anyone hanging so this week it's a Monday edition.

Behold "2 Champions of Shaolin" (1982, featuring The Venoms). The first clip is just for the opening titles. I've never seen animation before at the beginning of a Shaw Brothers film (it might exist, just saying I haven't seen it) and it is GOOFY. If you are short on time skip the opening scene cause guess what... A student is leaving his Shaolin temple to avenge someone's death. Anyway, I've added the end fight scene cause it's great. In particularly the amazing, back-breaking double team that happens at around the 5:00 mark. Dig the over-the-top sound effect.

The Chemical Brothers digitally enhanced footage from the film (adding vinyl, turntables and mics as weapons) in their 2003 video "Get Yourself High". Pretty sweet.

As a bonus for being late I'm thowing in the below image. It's all the lyrics to Wu Tang Clans "Da Mystery of Chessboxin" in the shape of the Wu Tang logo. Awesome. I've posted it before but the video is below if you've never heard the track.