File Under: Wish I Did That

Made by Dutch firm Experimental Jetset. This is a thing of beauty. Simple and logical. Read more about the Shepley Bulfinch Fellowship on their website. Here is a brief statement about the process from the designers:

As for the motivation behind the poster… Well, in our design, we referred to the three themes you mentioned in the design brief: optimism, collaboration and design. But we also referred to the “forbidden” theme: tradition. Let’s start with tradition. While making sketches for the poster, thinking about the year ‘2010′ and architecture, we suddenly had to think about Roman numerals. After all, there exists a sort of sub-tradition of using Roman numerals on buildings. We realized that ‘2010′, in Roman numerals, is quite an interesting number: MMX. It’s exceptionally short (a once-in-a-decade thing), and also very geometrical (as there are no C’s in it…)

So, starting with the idea of Roman numerals, we decided to turn the number MMX into geometric forms, in the primary colors: red, blue, yellow. Bright colours, referring to the optimism you mentioned. But the combination of primary colours and geometric forms also refer to design: colour theories, aesthetic systems, De Stijl, Bauhaus and other iconic design movements, etc. By overprinting the forms, secondary colours appear: orange, purple, green. To us, these overlaps refer to the idea of collaboration. So yeah, these are the three themes you talked about: optimism, design, collaboration. We are really happy with the result, we hope you are, too.

via Aisle One