Kung Fu Friday - The new BruceLee.com

This last year saw the release of the new Brucelee.com. It's mostly an entertainment site with a lot of pics and biography content. The stregnth of the site is the video section. As expected there are a lot of clips of Lee's films, but there also seems to be a regular release of original content as well. Pretty cool if you are Bruce Lee fan, though I have to say, this site plays to the middle of the road fan who may want a Bruce Lee action figure more than they want to hear Lee talk about Jeet Kune Do. Also you can't embed videos. I'd personally rather see an archive of uncut and raw footage of interviews and behind the scenes stuff. The site is run by Lee's daughter Shannon Lee and the Bruce Lee Foundation. Below are some great short clips of Lee's famous "One inch punch" and of Lee doing 2 finger push-ups (not from the site).

via Art and Surf