Kung Fu Friday - Roundhouse to the Face Edition

Greetings. Today's clips come from the world of Tae Kwon Do. Usually the one place you will see a plethora of elaborate kicking skillz. This is mostly due to the fact that TKD is a contact sport and there are rules- i.e. you can spin kick a dude if he's not trying to cut you with a Portuguese Switchblade (broken bottle). If you studied other forms of Kung Fu or Karate, and especially Jeet Kune Do, a teacher would most likely tell you not to try to pull a roundhouse off in a real fight because they are pointless, flashy and require a lot of wasted movement. Nonetheless, the TKD practicioner usually gets these kicks dialed, and to see one used effectively is a sight to behold. Enjoy.

Technically this was a spinning back kick. Not a proper Roundhouse. But just dig that crazy "pop" sound when he connects.