Das Verlin - Xmas I

For the past several months I've been working on a few music projects. This past week my electronica project Das Verlin released it's first tracks. No better time to get your tunes into a playlist than during the holidays. These two tracks are cover/remixes of Vince Guaraldi songs, from his Charlie Brown Christmas record (originals below).

These Das Verlin tracks are a free download. This release will be made available again December 2011.

Purely laptop based, this project has been taking advantage of all that technology has to offer as the two of us live in different cities. My partner (Portland based composer/musician/brother Mckenzie Stubbert) and I are using the same software, simple midi-controllers and a shared Dropbox folder. I write the beats and some basic bass lines and he finishes the synth melodies and puts some spit polish on it and we both pitch in on arranging and textures.

A quick word about the cover art. I momentarily dismantled christmas tree decorations at work and scanned the items. It was a bit too boring at first and in need of subversion and a quick hunt around the warehouse turned up a razor blade and mousetrap. Perfect.

Stay tune for original releases in the coming weeks. Find Das Verlin on Twitter and Facebook for updates.