A List of Scary Things - by Tom Waits

Tom Waits interviewed himself in 2008 and Newsvine.com has the whole thing. Below is his list of scary things. Also if you need more of a Waits fix check out The Selvedge Yard post from a couple weeks ago. Great images.

Q: What's scary to you?

  1. A dead man in the backseat of a car with a fly crawling on his eyeball.
  2. Turbulence on any airline.
  3. Sirens and search lights combined.
  4. Gunfire at night in bad neighborhoods.
  5. Car motor turning over but not starting, its getting dark and starting to rain.
  6. Jail door closing.
  7. Going around a sharp curve on the Pacific Coast Highway and the driver of your car has had a heart attack and died, and you're in the back seat.
  8. You are delivering mail and you are confronted with a Doberman with rabies growling low and showing teeth…you have no dog bones and he wants to bite your ass off.
  9. In a movie…which wire do you cut to stop the time bomb, the green or the blue.
  10. Mc Cain will win.
  11. Germans with submachine guns.
  12. Officers, in offices, being official.
  13. You fell through the ice in the creek and it carried you down stream, and now as you surface you realize there's a roof of ice.