Siggi Eggerston - A growing pile of work

A Growing Pile of Work from Siggi Eggertsson on Vimeo.

Well this was an easy post. Sometimes I look at a lot of stuff before something grabs my eyeballs. This was the first thing I looked at today. Pretty much anything Siggi Eggerston does is great if not at least interesting. This video compiles a great deal of his work and throws it at you in a waterfall of bold shapes and muted colors. For those of you who don't know Eggerston did the cover to Gnarls Barkley's "The Odd Couple".

But THEN as I was link digging for this post I found the video below Eggerston did called "Supernova". Arguably much cooler if only because it is more of a conceptual piece. Enjoy.

via +KN

Supernova from Siggi Eggertsson on Vimeo.