This picture is so intruiging and freaky. From their bio on Electronic Arts Intermix:

Forcefield, an artist collective that began in 1996 in Providence, Rhode Island, has forged an aesthetic program that encompasses music, performance, installation, textiles, printmaking, and video. All activities are anonymous and group-oriented, and the collective's members go by inscrutable aliases. Members P Lobe and Meerk Puffy founded Forcefield as a two-man band, and were later joined by Gorgon Radeo and Le Geef, at which point the four broadened their scope and range of media...

...Forcefield's art work has been exhibited at the Institute for Contemporary Art, London; the Daniel Reich Gallery, New York; Space 1026, Philadelphia; Art Basel Miami; Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid; Tate Britain; and the 2002 Biennial Exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, among other venues.

Forcefield is currently vacationing in the Bermuda Triangle.

image via mothmilk