Recent Work - Copic Pen Displays

My portfolio is due for an update. Fortunately I'm too busy designing to get it done right now. In the meantime, here is a new point-of-sale display I just finished for my day job as Art Director/Sr. Designer for Copic Markers. These babies are shipping now and should be in an art supply store near you very soon. I've given myself a personal design brief for the year of making as much of our print collateral show hand drawn work as possible. Ink pen displays seemed like a good place to start. I did the illustration for one display and created separate headers for each pen type. Black and White printing kept the cost down and we can add new pen types just by having new headers printed. It was a fun project. It's hard to make time for this kind of work as I have to wear so many hats. Design is the main thing but I handle product development, the website, the social marketing as well as trade show planning... makes me tired just thinking about it all. Good work takes time and thankfully, I have the ability to create my own projects with little interference.