Semiconductor Films

Semiconductor are artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt who make stunning, cutting-edge digital artworks in the form of sound-films, music videos and live animation . Guided by obsessive interests in landscape, architecture, geography, chaos / systems theory and artificial life forms, they explore the potential of the computer to unite sound and image (sounds generating and controlling imagery; and vice versa) . What's revealed are physical worlds in flux - cities in motion; shifting landscapes and systems in chaos . Hugely original and immensely creative, Semiconductor approach each project from a fresh angle, always looking to extend themselves and to break new ground . They have exhibited their work in gallery installations, at festivals and in live / club environments; and have been awarded numerous fellowships, prizes and residencies, notably as artists in residence at the NASA Space Sciences Laboratory UCB . This DVD offers a comprehensive overview of their work over the past five years.
Check out more of their work at their vimeo page. via @jeffreybowman.