Web Stuff and New Projects

First of all I'm pretty stoked about the launch of a new site/project I'm involved in. The BlueTower Arts Foundation's new website launched this week. I acted as layout designer and project manager, working with Tony Figoli of ODC who did a great job coding. He's got a new CMS he's working on called Table Salt. I'm digging it a lot. Nice work Tony. (Disclosure: I am Director of Development for BTAF and for the most part unpaid.) btaf-screen-grab I just finished a logo for a new Portland company called Speak Africa. They are an African languages education publisher and will be releasing materials on the languages of Rwanda, Uganda and I'm not sure what else at this point. But I am working on the cover of their first phrasebook as well as a couple other items. It's been a fun project so far. As always you can see more of my work at punchgraphicdesign.com


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