So it begins.

Everyone knows that this weekend is the real beginning of the madness. Halloween is merely a warning shot fired across the bow of the respective family holiday boat. I turned in the art for the company holiday card so now it's on. I made this little beauty with an airbrush and some markers. True. No computers were harmed in the making of this typography. 

I recommend everyone avoid shopping on friday... except for possibly storming the Mac store for their alledged "deals"... Thanks Mac for stirring my tech-lust.

We shall see.

Nevertheless, remember that the holiday is a cultural construction and mostly revisionist history at this point in time.

The real deal is to be with those you love. Shopping and buying and adding more shit to your life helps nobody.

Stay home. Read a book. Play your guitar. Listen to your records. Draw a picture and give it as a Christmas gift.

See you all next week.