This Year's Model is on it's way

Consider yourselves warned. The above image is a little visual taste of my silkscreen/t-shirt collaboration with genius-magician-surf-whisperer Spencer Reynolds. We are very close to launching. It's a side project so, you know... they always take longer than you want them too. We are both busy ninja's.  It will be a modest little project with limited-run t-shirts, printed by hand by our demon horde we have locked up in Spencer's basement. (They are surprisingly excitable but we pump Stryper into the studio to keep them calm.) There are a bazillion t-shirt shops online, we know. But ours is the only one that employs demons... let alone an entire horde. (They are social creatures after all and need interaction)

Forget Batman. Tell all your friends about This Year's Model.

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When the time is right, and we think you are old enough, we will tell you about our website and blog locations. Neither are wearing pants right now. It's not pretty.

Now go on... get out of here.