Typography, American Apparel and Kung-Fu Friday

For starters, I love typography but don't consider myself a typographer per se. As a graphic designer it is obviously a requirement to have a firm grasp on the do's and don'ts. The work on the above book clearly blows goats and this post by David Croy appropriately puts the smack down on the responsible party and is a good reminder of things to look out for in your own work. You can't always leave it up to CS3 to take care of it all for you. Secondly, While I can't bring myself to wear anything sold in American Apparel and CEO Dov Charney may or may not be a total douche bag, the principals that AA are operated on should be examined closely. Read this post at Venture Hacks to find out why. And best of all... I've GOT to see this...

New Ip Man/Yip Man Trailer from Shawn Bernal on Vimeo.

Legend of Ip Man-End Fight from Shawn Bernal on Vimeo.

Can't find a US release date for it yet. It was released in China December 2008.