Watchmen - The Movie


I feel compelled to post this since I was always monumentally skeptical that a film version of Watchmen could be made well, much less at all. If you aren't aware of this graphic novel or it's importance then you either live in a parallel (sad and lonely) universe from myself or you are like my dear sweet wife and just don't give a flying flip enough to care. That's cool. I love my wife. But I care.... I'm still skeptical however. Seems like it would be a lot to bite off for any director. And even though Zak Snyder's 300 looked cool, by about halfway through I was sick and tired of heavy-metal battle scenes. It wasn't even GOOD heavy metal. He wasn't able to make a simple story more than visually interesting, so I don't know HOW he is going to make such a complex story hold together. The trailer looks pretty good like it's supposed to. The Billy Corgan song blows goats. We shall see (eyes narrowing to slits).

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