About  //  My name is Courtney Stubbert. I am a visual artist, designer, musician and entrepreneur living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm a big fan of my wife, 3 kids, and Fugazi, in that order. I graduated from the Visual Communications program at the Art Institute of Seattle in 1996, and again from the University of Oregon, Art History Department in 2007.

Some kind of statement

While my formal training is in graphic design and visual communication, I work across different mediums, investigating the breakdown of systems - specifically language and the frailty of ideologies. Image-making in particular, allows me to construct new, “statements” that point towards the way we experience and process existence, belief, and it’s subsequent decay. The visual vocabulary I have developed over the last few years combine my interests in process, pop culture, and art history.


In 2012 I co-founded, and continue to run, Eugene Contemporary Art - an initiative established to support emerging artists working across conceptual and critical disciplines.  Since 2011 I have served on the City of Eugene’s Public Art Committee, and am committed to developing creative and professional partnerships across the arts and cultural landscape of my hometown and beyond.

Because, professional.

I have been a visual designer for almost 20 years, and operate a freelance studio under the name Artsdigital.co. I specialize in graphic identities, visual communication, and user experience design for businesses and organizations. I’m really good at what I do. You should get in touch with me about it. Just to double down on my skills, by day I am a Senior Designer at AHM Brands, focusing on digital design and user experience. COME AT ME, BRO. 


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